Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Red and Black Week, Day Three: Suspenders and Dragons

Day Three! It's terribly hot today, so hopefully I won't die in jeans (that's also why my hair is a mess, I don't have the effort to make it look nice today).

I love this tank top. The lace back is so pretty!

I'm also wearing one of my favourite pieces of jewellery: my Alchemy Gothic dragon earring.

When I first got this, it was just slightly too big for my ear (apparently I have smaller than average ears??) but I fixed it with some pliers and now it's perfect!

And now makeup:

That's it! Let's hope I don't melt in the humid Oregon heat.


  1. I love the tank top and the pants! But the suspenders are really what make this look. Great job on the makeup, too! Stay cool out there. :)

  2. That earring is so cool and so is your make-up!


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