Sunday, June 2, 2013

Red and Black Week: Rune Journal

It's finally Red & Black Week (hooray!). And since I'm too lazy to dress up nice just to end up staying inside doing massive amounts of homework and studying, I decided to post pictures of my writing journal (which is red and black, with a bit of gold) that I just finished decorating instead.

So this journal, my artist friend made me (she also made me a pretty blue one). It's really nice, but after I began writing in it, I kept getting confused as to which side was the front. So, in order to avoid further confusion, I decided to decorate it. But I wanted the design to end up helping me find inspiration and creativity, so I decided to cover it in magickal runes. (To answer any questions floating around out there, I consider myself a Wiccan, although I've only just recently become more serious about practising and am far from being experienced. Still, learning is a process and a fun one at that.)

This rune is Kenaz, which spurs creativity and mental ability.

This rune is Ansuz, which promotes eloquence and word power (perfect for a writing notebook).

These runes (from top to bottom) are: Eihwaz (aids in achieving goals), Isa (promotes concentration and strength in solitude), Jera (encourages improvement), Berkano (promotes new ideas), and Mannaz (increases intelligence and intellectual power).

Now, all the descriptions of the runes are not the only properties they have, but just the ones that I thought would be helpful to imbue in my notebook/writing. I also outlined the runes in gold paint, as gold and yellow enhance creativity.

So there's my notebook! Hopefully creativity will flood into my writing!


  1. Very nicely done! The journal looks great, and I'm sure it will bring you inspiration. I'm glad you are joining us for Red & Black Week! :)

    1. Thank you and I am very excited to participate this year (this is my first time joining in on the Red and Black Week fun).


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