Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life Update: Apartment, plus Outfit Post the First

Sorry I've been absent the last few days. I was super busy packing and moving into the apartment I'm sharing with friends in Eugene. I spent all day Thursday in the car and was quite grumpy. The previous night I had the great idea of watching The Exorcist and that plus the fact that the house was freezing meant I got no sleep. I managed to doze in the car a bit but not a lot.

Anyway, here's my new room! A lot bigger than the dorm room I was in last year, thank god. I decorated a bit today, but not a whole lot. I'll post more pictures when it's more decorated.

I'm going with a red and black theme. I love that colour combo :)

My mess desk, though it'll get messier I'm sure. And yes, I do have 2 computers...

My pretty wall! I've decorated it with pictures from a faery calendar I got 2 years ago. I love faeries (I'm actually getting another faery calendar for next year and I'll definitely add the pictures to the wall).

And since I've been gone so long and I've been doing homework all day, here are some more pictures. This is the outfit I wore last Sunday to a family friend's party:

cherry dress: Crossroads Thrift Store
black long sleeve shirt: Crossroads
tights: Nordstrom
lacey chocker: Claire's
shoes: Payless
rainbow shoe laces: Hiron's Drug Store

Okie doke, now off to dye my hair (dark red, I'm so excited!)

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