Friday, September 28, 2012

Outfit Post: Sweaters in the Summer

Even though it's September, it's still somehow incredibly hot. I am looking forward to autumn so much, I even have my computer wallpaper set to a fall picture to keep me satisfied while the weather is trying to melt me. Anyways, I love wearing sweaters and even though it is so hot, I wore one today.

The sweater was my sister's but she doesn't wear it anymore since it had two big holes in the front. I saw this as an opportunity to make it into a wondrous ripped, grungy sweater. The skirt I got from Nordstrom and I love it to death. It's too bad it has to be dry cleaned. My lovely rainbow knee socks my aunt made me a few years ago. They wouldn't stay but to begin with but then my mum added some elastic and now they fit perfectly.

I like putting my hair up and this is a pretty simple way to make it special. I've got loads of bandanas so I just wrapped one around my head.

Ugh, what a terrible angle of my face :/
I absolutely love chokers and I'm sad I don't own many. I plan on remedying that over time. This one I love to death and got at Claire's. Same with the earrings.

I can't remember where I got these rings but they're pretty. The butterfly one is nice, even though it's tarnishing on the inside. At least it's going a nice copper and not a weird green. The other one is kind of steampunk so I like it a lot.

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