Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life Update: Packing for school

So here's a little update about my life. I promise to keep these short and few so that I don't bore you :)

Bed covered in clothes, oh my
On Thursday I'm heading up to Eugene, Oregon to go back to school at the U of O (sophomore year, woot!). I live in Northern California (Bay Area) so the drive isn't that bad but it's still a full day's worth. And the car will be packed. The clothes you see up in the picture aren't all that's going with me. Though, I am taking less than last year and I was in a teeny tiny dorm room.

I am very happy that I'm living in an apartment this year. Not only do I know the people I'm rooming with already, but we each get our own rooms (with a full size bed and a ton of room to move around), there are two bath rooms, a kitchen and a living room. The place is already furnished and there's a laundry machine and a dryer in the apartment. Oh, and there's a rec/workout centre in the complex. It's like a dream.

Of course, I haven't actually seen the place in person. My friends and I were typical lazy college students and got a late start on apartment hunting. We had to decide on a place quickly.

I'm sure everything will be awesome and work out great.

Ok, back to packing...

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